Tryin' to do my shit the right way.

so, while i think using feminism for profit is fucked up (hey there dove, secret, tampax, etc…) the pantene commercial about women apologizing unnecessarily struck a nerve. interesting. 



 this whole article is a fucking vomatrocious mess. however the fuck I want to act is beautiful because i say it is. Also girls??? seriously?? fuck off, if you want to talk about attractiveness/hotness you should not be discussing GIRLS. 


holy shit

i was thinking about watching arrested development and then netflix suggested it right when i opened up the website

i really want to watch a wes anderson movie but i do not want to stop listening to the soundtrack from a different wes anderson movie

I wish i knew who made this!!

watched the grand budapest hotel last night, have been bopping around to that theme for zero ever since


theycallmejazzhands answered your post: What have you unfucked this week?

I was too ashamed to take before and after pics, but I’m a week sober and I can see my bedroom floor for the first time in 4 years! Thanks!!

This is amazing. I’m proud of you, and I’m willing to bet everyone reading this is proud of you.

seriously! talk about motivation to go make my bed

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